News from 03/27/2016

Dear Banshee Helicopters customers,

after a successful order of the Banshee 850 kit you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Time for payment is as announced 8 weeks before delivery. Nevertheless it would be perfect, if some of you would pay right away. We would then sent the invoice as well. In this case it would be easier for us to do all the financing in advance. In return for the payment we will ship the kits according the payment sequence. Customers who would like to wait for the payment will receive their invoices 10 weeks before delivery with 2 weeks time for payment.

Regarding the shipping prices we would like to inform you that the prices particularly for foreign countries are unfortunately quiet high, especially for a parcel weight up to 10 kg. Detailed information can be found here. We ask for your understanding.

Again best thanks for your confidence. We hope, you enjoy your Banshee 850 the same way we do.

News from 03/26/2016

News from 03/21/2016

All configuration details for the Banshee 850 can be found on the respective product page in our webshop. Also all detailed information regarding the order process for new customers can be found on the Banshee 850 product site.

News from 03/11/2016

After a long period of development and tests, we are proud to present you the new Banshee 850. Technical details, pictures and equipment recommendations are available at the product page.

Some important information in advance to answer most of upcoming questions: 

Start of sale will be on Easter Sunday the 03/27/2016, 08:00 PM (CET). All necessary information regarding price and the order procedure will be also published. Pre-orders or reservations are not possible.

Every mechanics will get a unique serial number. In 2016 we will produce 50 kits. Maybe we can produce another batch but this depends on our limited time besides our professional jobs. Currently we cannot guarantee to produce a second batch. Primarily the supply of spare parts and the customer service have the highest priority for us. The shipment of the first Banshee 850 kits will start approximately with the 3rd quarter 2016.

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