Banshee 850 (Code: B850)

The initial order from new customers can be made only per email. Please include all necessary data. To facilitate a smooth and efficient processing of your order, please provide the following information:

  • Name / first name
  • Street / house number
  • Zip Code / City
  • country
  • telephone number
  • Desired window decal color *
  • Desired decor decal color *
  • Desired tail fin decal color *
  • Which motor pulley (18, 20 **, 22, 24 tooth)
  • Kontronik Pyro 850-40 competition Banshee Special *** (Yes + 630,- Euro inkl. tax / No)
  • Kontronik Pyro 800-40 competition Banshee Special *** (Yes + 610,- Euro inkl. tax / No)
  • Kontronik Pyro 800-48 competition Banshee Special *** (Yes + 610,- Euro inkl. tax / No)
* Neon yellow, neon green, neon orange or neon red
** Recommendation for 14S + 400kv Motor or 12S + 480kv motor. Main rotor speed approx. 1700 rpm
*** Hand wound motor with special shortened shaft and grinded notch for the use of a circlip and Banshee Helicopters Logo on the socked

Every perspective buyer, who has ordered a Banshee, will receive an email from us detailing the next steps of purchase and further information for making the payment. There is a certain, limited time period of 8 weeks before delivery, in which you must complete the payment. In the case where the 8 week time limit has been exceeded, your order will be cancelled and the next costumer in line shall receive his kit.

The shipment of the first Banshee 850 kits will start approximately with the 3rd quarter 2016.

The kit contains: Pre-assembled Banshee 850 mechanics, pre-decaled, carbon fiber canopy, a special blade holder (bladecaddy), spezial velcro straps and custom pre-assembled master/slave controller wires.

Banshee 850
Window decal:
Decor decal:
Tail fin decal:
Motor pulley:
Motor option:
Price: 3 .200,01 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Not available

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